Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Family History and Journal

This is my family history journal of the Carr, Hall, and other kin in relation. The above photo is my parents. I've been doing this off and on now since 1988. Genealogy can get boring when there is all there is names, dates, and places. I've been thinking up a creative way in designing my family history by incorporating it into real honest true history form. This project will take some doing, but I got all the time in the world for now. My family history website can be found at Rootsweb along with a GEDCOM record of the family. The family trees are found at MyFamily.com ancestry.

I also maintain an art blog called In TechniColor and I'm currently going to design school which is my main priority. I also keep a blog about my writings called Skylines in regards to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, life in West Virginia, and other interests that I feel passionate about, like living healthy, music, art and other things that are important to me. My graphic business blog, Mega Grafx Studio at Wordpress.com has writing that cover everything from the graphic art business reporting and my artworks.

This reporting blog will be dedicated to my family roots and their place in history, present and past. So far I've put together a manuscript of The Hall Family titled The Halls of Mason County: The Thomas P. Hall Family of Franklin Co., VA and Kanawha & Mason Counties, WV. I'm in the process of doing a manuscript about The Elusive Soldier: Tracing the Story of Asher Crockett and Princes & Farmers: The Royal Stafford Connection. These are not ready for publication and I'm trying to decide if I will or not. I'll have to consider other factors in getting one published. Other data needs to be researched.

The following is a list of the family names I've researched and the main patriarch of each family name from the beginning to the present:

  1. Carr (Thomas, James, Alice, Benjamin F., Wesley H., Darrell A.)
  2. Warner (George)
  3. Reynolds (Thomas, William, Hiram George, John Shannon, Minnie Mae)
  4. Hall (Robert, Thomas, Joseph Jubal, Andrew Jackson, Jubal Stanley, Donna R.)
  5. Vandall (Abraham, John Dillon, William Thornton, Stephen O., James Thornton, Gladys M.)
  6. Blankenship (Ralph, Peter I, Peter II, Eliza, Sarah, Levi John, Liggon, Samuel Lee, Mollie)
  7. Crockett (Anthony, Asher, Andrew Johnson, John Wesley, Eliza J.)
  8. Stafford (Royal Line to Thomas who came to Jamestown, Virginia, John, James, James, Margaret, Mary)
  9. Johnson (John Johnson from Wales, William, Hattie)
  10. Durham (Jonathan, Jesse, Jerusha "Rushie")
  11. Duncan (George of Scotland, John, William, John Joshua Murphy, Moses Manning, William H., Rosetta)
  12. Henley (James B., Malinda)
  13. Dodd (David, Richard, John, Elizabeth)
  14. Poteet (William, Sarah)
  15. Legg
  16. Williams
  17. Walker
  18. Manning
  19. Graves
  20. Hodges
  21. Dillon
  22. Blake
  23. Darby
  24. Asbury

More Later! Gotta run!


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