Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Henley Clan

I found some notes in relation to James B. Henley. He was said to be a longhunter and was gone long periods of time from his family. This is evident in the fact that James did appear in any of the early Virginia records except for a marriage record in Franklin Co., VA when he married Elizabeth Dodd, June 4, 1804. The witnesses were her mother, Sarah Dodd and her uncle Elijah Poteet. Sarah and Elijah were the children of William & Keziah (Detheridge) Poteet. The Poteets are said to be of Italian lineage.

In regards to James B. Henley it is not known at this time who his parents were but it was thought that his father's name was Henry Henley. My main interest is James' children especially Jubal and Malinda twin siblings, born 1811 in Franklin Co., VA. Malinda Henley is my direct ancestor who married my gr-gr-great grandfather, Thomas P. Hall.

The Longhunters
List of Longhunters

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