Friday, July 31, 2009

CARR Heraldry

Carr (Ó Carra)

This is both an English and Scottish surname, the origin of which comes from the Middle English Kerr or the Old Norse Kjarr, meaning brushwood or wet ground, and so the name was established as that of a dweller by the marsh. The name is well recorded from the 12th Century. In Scotland it is as variant of Kerr and was used by the border chiefs as far back as 1547, when they styled themselves as Car. In Ireland most of the name are of Scottish origin as a synonym of Kerr, one of the 50 most numerous names in Scotland and arriving in Ulster with the 17th Century plantations. Others will be an anglicized form of the Gaelic Ó Carra, meaning descendant of Carra and ultimately meaning spear.

Places of Origin: England, Ireland, Scotland

Noted of the Name: John Dickson Carr (1905-1977) American Novelist; Joe Carr, Irish International Golfer; Nigel Carr, Irish Rugby International; Stephen Carr, Irish Soccer International; Darleen Carr (b. 1950-) American Actress; Charmian Carr, American Actress, “The Sound of Music.”

Variants: Karr, Ker(r)

Population: = USA 205th, 126837, England & Wales 149th, 41247.

Name Meaning: Dweller by the marsh or Spear.


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