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The Jamestown Anniversary: It’s Significance After 400 Years

By Teresa Carr

This year on the 26th of April 2007 was the 400th anniversary of the landing at Jamestown in 1607 when a group of men of the Virginia Company and vicar Robert Hunt planted a cross on the shores of Cape Henry. Captain Christopher Newport commanded the fleet of the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery carrying 100 men and 4 boys. In America today, the purpose and reason for us being a successful and strong nation is slowly being eradicated because of the lack of knowledge of divine authority in our government, business and homes. Our heritage has been removed from the U.S. History books and brainwashed our children into a Godless society. In spite of the fact of what we have done to our society does not the reflect the true character of our ancient roots and our forefathers that came to this continent 400 years ago to seek freedom of liberty and freedom of Christian religion. The only remains of the Jamestown settlement are the ruins of the Old Church Tower and the reconstructed church on the stone foundation built by the colonists that marks the site of the first permanent English settlement in America.

America is a miracle just as the state of Israel is a miracle. Nowhere in history has any other nation like Israel was the people dispersed over all the earth and centuries later gathered together again as a nation in the Middle East. Israel’s enemies said it would not last a day. It has survived since 1948! The same with America it began with a small group of believers and through enemies, tribulation and hardships we are still thriving by the grace of a loving God and His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Christian Americans today are faced with the same problems but on a different scale than our ancestors had in an untamed land. Ours is like confronting a giant Beast that is swallowing up our culture and beliefs into a conglomerate Babylon.

The 2007 celebration brought many people of races and cultures together to commemorate the beginnings a nation by God’s grace and marvelous wonders. Back in 1957 before the 350th celebration the Parks Commission built an exact reproduction of the original town about a half-mile from the original site. Here is where the 400th anniversary met fifty years later.


History of Virginia. Jamestown. 1968 edition.

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