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The Henley Family of Princess Anne, Franklin & Carroll Co., VA

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I'm taking note as to where I have come so far on my direct ancestor Melinda Henley who married my great great great grandfather Thomas P. Hall who came from Franklin Co., VA to Kanawha Co., VA, now West Virginia into the Malden district. It is said that Thomas worked in the Saline Mills besides being a farmer. Prehaps the extra work was to help raise a fairly large family as Thomas and Malinda had 16 children. Malinda was the daughter of James B. and Elizabeth (Dodd) Henley from Franklin Co., VA.

Its been a little hard to track the whereabouts of James B. Henley as was related in family history accounts that he was a longhunter and probably left the family for long periods of time. so keeping track of James Henley hasn't been easy. The family was residing in the early 1800's in Carroll Co., VA. The 1842 Carroll Co., VA Personal Property Tax List lists Thomas Hall, Jonathan D. Hall, John Hall, Richard Hall, William E. Hall, Esq., Langford Hall, Jubal Henly, Lewis Henly, Larkin Henly, and Jacob Henly. REF: History of Carroll Co., VA,

I've found a James Henley born ca. 1790 in Princess Co., VA to parents Charles Henley Jr., and Keziah Brock. There is a James Henly married 8 Dec. 1985 in Princess Anne Co., VA to Lydia Bonney. James B. Henley was not listed in the 1820 Franklin Co., VA, but his wife Betsy Hendley was listed along with 4 males under 10 years of age and one female between the age of 10-16 which is said to be Miriam. It is said that Malinda was the daughter of Samuel Handley and wife Sarah who resided in Putnam Co. VA. This was very unlikely because Thomas and Malinda and some of the children were living in 1830 Franklin Co., VA until moving to Kanawha Co., VA ca. 1840.

A key to finding Malinda's parents is that its said that she had a twin brother named Jubal. Her birthdate was Nov. 27, 1811. She and Thomas also named a son Joseph Jubal Hall, my great great grandfather. So it's very likely that Malinda Hall would be the daughter of James B. Henley and Elizabeth 'Betsy' (Dodd) Henley. Both families resided in Franklin Co., VA. Elizabeth Henley was living in Carroll Co., VA in the 1850's. Her sons were living in Carroll and Grayson Co., VA.

Another important note, in the Franklin Co., VA Marriage Bonds, 1786-1858 that James Henley and Elizabeth Dodd, dau. of Sarah were married June 4, 1804, the surety Elijah Poteet. Elijah is said to be the brother of Sarah meaning Elijah is the uncle of Elizabeth. Elizabeth Henley died in Nov. 1850 in Hanover Co., VA.

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